The Best of Technology in 2015: Taking a Look Back

2016 has been a great year. But 2015 has been also a year which brought us tons of surprises and advancements. On this article we will review the most important ones, so you can see how the advances keep getting faster and faster, because those important advancements in technology in 2015 are soon to be replaced by newer and bettered versions.

As you can see the natural law is present in all spheres, and it also includes the tech world. Without anything more to add, we hope you enjoy this new article.

“Smarter” Smartphone Screens:

Well there are smartphones which are smarter than some people… but now they have gone even smarter with special screens. Now these screens are capable of detecting pressure, which is something that was invented in 2015.

It’s been developed by Apple and it’s called 3D Touch. And this feature is pretty good, because now you can make all sort of things with it which in the past were impossible. And we are more than sure that this 3D Touch will soon be replicated in other phones and brands, because it’s a really attractive and helpful feature.

Portable Computers:

Ok, this concept is not new nor revolutionary, but it saw great improvements in 2015. Because in that year Intel launched it Computer Stick, which is capable of turning any HDMI screen into a fully working PC.

Nothing like that was seen before, that’s why we say that 2015 was one of the best years for this type of technology. Because Intel launched a fully-working model of a “computer on a stick”. Although we are sure that these models are just going to get more powerful with the pass of the time, 2015 was the year that changed it all.

Portable computers are a concept that is kind of old. But as we said in 2015 Intel gave an important step onto the right direction. Because for the first time we could see a computer of this kind fully working at its best.

And as we said, we can see that these portable PCs will only get better and more efficient with the pass of the time. It’s something we cannot stop from happening. Because the change is already here and Intel proved it to us in 2015.

And once again, this proves the theory that the advancements in technology keep getting more frequent. And this is a kind of velocity which will keep getting just faster and faster. So we should not be surprised to see even more exciting improvements.


We have seen that 2015 brought many interesting advancements in terms of technology. These advancements and gadgets are a good proof that nothing on this world will stop technology from growing further and bigger.

We are living in the future my friends. The future is right here and we have to embrace it. None will change it, we are just going to get more modern!

An Overview on How Much Technology Has Advanced

Technology has advanced a lot and it just keeps doing it. It’s a non-stop race where the speed just keeps getting faster and faster. And on this article you will get a very fair and precise overview on how much it’s advancing.

We are confident you will like this article. Because you can even get business ideas out of this. Technology can be quite profitable if you know how to use it. So enjoy this article and let us know what you think in the comments section. We would love to hear your opinion.

Artificial Intelligence:

It’s not surprising to see how much AI is advancing. As we saw in a previous article, the finances industry is already making use of it. There are special programs which implement AI in order to detect in a precise manner those claims or charges which go out of the norm, so they can quickly be addressed and solves, therefore saving a lot of time and money to the institution.

This alone gives us a very good overview on how much it’s advancing and how there’s a huge interest onto this type of technology and that it’s profitable.

It’s also possible to see that the transportation industry is highly interested on AI. Because now we can see the first working prototypes of self-driving cars. Based on this we can see how powerful AI can be. It’s simply excellent and won’t stop growing any time soon.

And of course, AI is also being implemented in toys and games. Very soon kids will be able to play with a toy robot just like it was a real human being. It sounds a bit weird or scary, but it’s true. It’s just a matter of time, because the tech is advancing very fast.

As we saw in a previous article, AI is also being implemented in music. It’s just a matter of time till we see robots making beautiful compositions on their own.

Does it mean humans will be out of business? Of course not. Humans won’t be out of the music industry any time soon. Because there’s something special about the human element that the robot cannot replicate.

Other Advancements:

It’s also been interesting to see that now technology and science are on the track of creating reusable rockets. It will save MILLIONS over MILLIONS, because now rockets will be able to be used once again.

And another interesting discovery found in 2015 is the fact that now precise gene editing in plants is a reality. The kind of science is getting more precise with the pass of the time and it will only get better as the days pass by.

For example, thanks to it now plants will be able to endure certain diseases better or certain weather conditions. Even though lots of people are against GMO, it’s still a good point to see how much technology is advancing and where it’s taking us to. Just look at it from this perspective.

All About Artificial Intelligence: An Overview

AI is one of the hottest topics right now. It’s very popular and has gone mainstream. But if you want to know more about it, then you should go ahead and give this article a read, because here we will see how artificial intelligence can be effectively used in different areas of our life.

We are pretty sure you will enjoy this read, because if you are here it’s because you love technology. This is just an overview, remember it. If you want to read more about some details, then go to the corresponding websites.

AI Is Everywhere:

With the pass of the time we will see AI present in every single aspect of our lives. Nowadays it’s mainly focused on science, as it can help us a lot with complicated matters.

AI is also being used in military, and it should not surprise us, because now we can create better weapons and protection systems thanks to the advancements in AI. And it’s just going to get better with the pass of the time.

Soon we will also find applications of AI in education. Because it can also help people to learn more and better. We are sure that this type of technology will bring lots of surprises, because it’s advancing so fast and brining new inventions on the table that it’d be absurd to deny its importance.

But AI is already being used. For example, in the finances industry it’s well known that they have been implementing artificial neural network systems to detect charges or claims which go out of the norm. A typical computer program would not be able to see it, but when it’s partnered up with AI it’s more than possible.

As you can see, there are industries already using AI. Because it’s really effective and can help them protect their investments.

We can also see AI present in music. As the time has been passing by, new improvements and advancements have been accomplished on AI regarding music. Now it’s possible for some machines to emulate human-like compositions, and we are sure that this will only keep advancing on and on. None can stop this revolution that has just begun.

Of course, AI can be of great help for musicians, because it’s a great tool to explore different compositions. All in all, it can be your enemy or your friend depending on how you look at it. And smart people will be able to recognize the huge opportunities presented by AI.

And of course, AI is also big and will be even bigger in the health field. Thanks to it medics can now give more precise and detailed diagnosis on tons of diseases. And of course, it can also be used on the treatment of different diseases.

Here you have it. AI is big and it won’t stop growing. Technology is moving onto the right track, and we can only expect it to get more powerful and useful with the pass of the time.